CHARLESTONS   Nissreen, instructor. 


>2 to 2:15 PM. Registration.

=> Session 1 (2:15-3:15PM):  We will be exploring side by side (30’s and 40s) Charleston step and a few fun variation with that position. 

=> Session 2 (3:30-4:30PM):  Then we will transition to face to face Charlestons and work on travelling turns within the steps, opposite hand-hold and same hand-hold.

=>Session 3 (4:45-5:45PM):  Then, we will learn how to transition back to the side by side position.

Previous understanding of the very basic Charleston step is required. So, if you dabled with some Charlestons in the past for a bit, this workshop is for you. if you are a fast learner, who has been dancing for years and want to learn Charleston steps, this workshop is for you.   

Any questions, email Nissreen at


$15 (1) Workshop  /  $25 (2) Workshops  /  $30 all (3) workshops sessions.

> Students get a $5 discount.      Please, email that you are attending by the 1st. of June.     Thank You.     Victor.


MADISON COMMUNITY HOUSE, 25 Cook Avenue, Madison, N.J. 07940



General questions, contact Victor: