This spring and summer, we will regularly send out emails on outdoor events run by others, that may be of interest to the swing/lindy dancers.  

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Let us see what happens………..   


Event Location

To be announced…

If you are in Madison:      

Places to eat: There are quite a few restaurants in the area within walking distance, to grab something to eat and then walk over to the dance. At the back of the center is Tino’s Pizzeria open till 9PM and right next to it is Chipotle restaurant open till 10PM. (While they are open, don’t park right next to their area so we don’t interfere with their client’s need to access parking spaces.) And while on the topic of eating establishments, there is also Shanghai Jazz, Rocco’s Tuscany Bar and Grill, 54 Bar & Grill and Osteria Trevi, as well as others. Again, within walking distance of our center and not even have to cross a street to get to them!

Parking:  Next to the side entrance and in “Permit Parking Only” spaces is not a problem on weekend nights, also at the adjacent parking lot of the office building, is also not a problem. (The restriction is meant for during weekdays. The manager of the center told me it has never been a problem to park there on a Saturday night)

Planned Dances to be announced……….


We have a very friendly group of dancers of all ages !

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